December 5 // Maryland's school rankings tell us what we already know — your education depends on where you live

If you live in Howard County, there’s a better than 70 percent chance that your kids can attend an above-average public school, and a two-in-five shot that they’ll go to one of the best schools in the state. If you live in Baltimore City, there’s little chance (less than 2 percent, to be precise) that your kids’ school just got a top, five-star rating from the state. But there’s a 60 percent chance that it will be below average, and of the 35 schools the state gave just one star, 23 were in Baltimore City. Ratings like these are an imperfect science.  But what is inescapable in looking at the data is the conclusion that a Maryland child’s chances in life are inextricably linked to where he or she grows up. (Balt. Sun)

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