Weeldreyer: Md. Family Network Responds to DeFilippo Column on Kirwan

Ok boomer. We’ve heard that phrase volleyed about, debated, overused, and misused for the past several months. At its core, it encapsulates the complicated issues around generational warfare. This takes many shapes but a frequent theme is around economics. In his commentary published on Monday, Frank DeFilippo questions the validity of a recent report that cites the benefits of implementing the Kirwan Commission’s pre-Kindergarten recommendations. He also questions the long-term economic benefits of expanding access to pre-K for three- and four-year olds across the state. The Sage Policy Institute study that Mr. DeFilippo cites is just the most recent in a chorus of economic analyses demonstrating that how we care for and educate children during the first five years of their lives has significant, long-term impacts. (Md. Matters)

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