Patients overpaying for prescriptions: save money by asking this one question

You could be overpaying for your prescriptions and have no idea. In some cases, pharmacists can't tell you you're paying too much. Even if they wanted to, confidentiality agreements restrict them from notifying consumers of a cheaper price. This practice is called a clawback and Baltimore County Delegate Eric Bromwell likens it to theft. (WMAR-TV)

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Gene M. Ransom III: Marylanders of All Ages Should Talk to Their Doctors About Getting Vaccinated

As we enter fall, parents around Maryland have sent their children into the school year with everything they need to succeed, including their required school vaccinations. But immunizations aren’t just for our children – they are a lifelong, year-round medical necessity, and a critical public health tool for protecting against a broad range of dangerous and potentially deadly illnesses.

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Wendy Davis Interview Series: Episode 2

In this second of a two-part interview, Wendy Davis shares with KOFA Managing Partner Jamie Fontaine her thoughts on Betsy DeVos’ proposed dismantling of Title IX. 

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Dr. Leana S. Wen: Graham-Cassidy Health Care Proposal Is Detrimental to Nation’s Health

The Graham-Cassidy bill scheduled to be voted by the Senate next week is even more detrimental than previous attempts to dismantle the Affordable Care Act (ACA). It will take away health insurance coverage from millions of people, devastate Medicaid, and eliminate protections for patients, including coverage for pre-existing conditions.

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Wendy Davis Interview Series: Episode 1

KOFA Managing Partner Jamie Fontaine talks with Wendy Davis, former Texas State Senator and founder of the women’s advocacy initiative Deeds Not Words, about the opportunities and challenges facing today’s young women. 

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Hogan's State Center report leaves one big question: What will happen to the 3,000 people who work there?

There’s a curious omission in the 103-page report on possible redevelopment of the State Center complex in Baltimore that Gov. Larry Hogan released this week — any mention whatsoever of the 3,000-plus state employees who work there and what might become of them. Sure, the governor touted the report’s conclusions about the potential for retail, offices, restaurants and a grocery store and took some shots at the group of developers now in litigation with the state after Mr. Hogan and the other members of the Board of Public Works pulled the plug on a decade of efforts to remake the site. But about the state employees working in crumbling buildings whose needs started this whole conversation way back in the Ehrlich administration? Not a peep. (Balt. Sun)

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Cory McCray's Story is Baltimore's Story

Baltimore has shaped Cory since the day he was born. Now Cory is working hand-in-hand with our neighborhoods to shape Baltimore. Cory is running for Senate so that he can continue expanding our opportunities, listening to our needs, and figuring out how to serve them. He asks for your support, as he continues to work on our behalf in Annapolis.

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We need a State Center plan

Here's the good news: When Gov. Larry Hogan joined Mayor Catherine Pugh for a tour of the State Center office complex in Baltimore, the redevelopment plans for which he killed last year, he unequivocally committed to keeping the more than 3,000 state jobs now located there in the city. He discussed with the mayor ideas for redeveloping the site and made clear that he believes the state should be a part of that effort. The bad news is, Mr. Hogan engaged in some serious revisionist history about the long stalled project, which was initially conceived by the Ehrlich administration in 2004. (Balt. Sun)

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