Center Maryland Op-Doc: Columbia, MD Named Money Magazine’s Best Place to Live in 2016

Columbia was just named Money Magazine's #1 Best Place to Live. Howard County residents discuss their hopes to remain on top for the future.  Watch Entire Video

Featured Content: The Formation of a Strategic National Security Partnership between UMCP & UMB

University of Maryland, College Park President Wallace Loh and University of Maryland, Baltimore President Jay Perman announced the intention to create the Maryland Academy for Innovation in National Security that would support an FBI headquarters in Greenbelt, Maryland. Local leaders put forth a vision for a strategic national security partnership that will harmonize UMB and UMCP’s relevant capabilities in terrorism and counterterrorism studies, intelligence analysis, cybersecurity and high performance computing, criminology and criminal justice, homeland security law, and crisis management. Watch Entire Video

Josh Kurtz: John Sarbanes’ Crusade for Campaign Finance Reform

Gov. Larry Hogan (R) has, quite properly, won plaudits for his push to reform the way congressional and legislative district lines are drawn in Maryland. But Hogan so thoroughly dominates the political headlines in the state, it’s easy to forget that another prominent Maryland politician has an equally worthy reform agenda: That’s Democratic Rep. John Sarbanes’ legislation to create a public financing system for congressional elections. As he marshals arguments for his bill, The Government By the People Act, Sarbanes likes to cite a quote generally attributed to James Madison: “Government should be dependent on the people alone.” Read Entire Article

Josh Kurtz: Hogan’s 70% Solution

Say this for Gov. Larry Hogan (R): He finds a way to spin every single policy debate into political gold. Hogan’s latest move, ordering public schools across the state to open after Labor Day and close by June 15, was done with his typical brute efficiency and simplicity. This is a complex and textured issue, to say the least, but not for Hogan. He’s right, his critics are wrong, and in his view they should be prepared to suffer the political consequences. Probably they will. Read Entire Article

Brain Tumor Survivor Shares Message of Strength, Courage to Raise Awareness

There are almost 700,000 people in the United States living with a brain tumor. Now, for the first time in Baltimore, there’s a push to raise awareness about the condition“On my 37th birthday, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor,” said Jeff Kolodin, with the National Brain Tumor Society. “Six months later, my very dear friend was diagnosed with a brain tumor and five months later, he was gone. That’s when I decided to get involved with the National Brain Tumor Society.” Now two decades later, Jeff and their team are preparing for the first brain tumor walk here in Baltimore, sharing a  message of strength and courage. (WJZ-CBS)

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Josh Kurtz: Numerous Political Battles on the Horizon in Prince George’s County

A battle is brewing for control of the Prince George’s County House delegation in Annapolis. Del. Michael Jackson (D), backed by some of his fellow freshmen, is putting out the word that he wants to become delegation chairman. But the current chairman, Del. Jay Walker (D), plans to seek a second two-year term. The fight for the gavel is just one of many political battles on tap in Prince George’s – some this year, others percolating in advance of the 2018 election cycle. All provide reminders that Prince George’s remains one of the most fascinating places for politics in Maryland and in the D.C. region. The county’s 24-member House delegation could vote on its next leader as soon as mid-September. Read Entire Article

Dr. Leana Wen: A Blueprint for a Healthier Baltimore

In thousands of conversations with community members, businesses, grassroots organizations, and elected leaders across Baltimore, I have seen how our City continues to wrestle with deeply-rooted issues of poverty, racial inequality, and structural racism. Here in Baltimore, there are neighborhoods just blocks apart where the life expectancy differs by 20 years. We have made significant strides in reducing infant mortality, and yet black babies continue to die at twice the rate of white babies across our city. Homicide continues to be the leading cause of death among 15-24 year olds in the city – over 90 percent of homicide victims in 2016 have been black. These disparities tie intimately into the fabric of the work we do at the Baltimore City Health Department (BCHD). Read Entire Article

The Inaugural Baltimore Brain Tumor Walk: Honoring Loss. Inspiring Hope. Funding a Cure. | Debra Cirasole

Debra Cirasole, with multiple neurological ailments, was incorrectly diagnosed multiple times until she was finally told that she had been suffering from a brain tumor. After three years living with an illness that has limited treatment options, Debra does not focus on herself -- instead she is spreading awareness, especially through her social media channel, of brain tumors, and their symptoms, and the fight for a cure. Learn More About Debra's Journey