Josh Kurtz: Delaney’s Smart Play, Plus More on Gansler-Brown

Lost in all of last week’s hoopla over Doug Gansler’s secretly recorded words – and more on that flap below – was U.S. Rep. John Delaney’s declaration that he would devote significant personal resources to the push to raise the state minimum wage. “Raising the minimum wage is one of the most direct ways of helping working families succeed while also improving our economy,” he said. For Delaney, it was a smart and interesting play.

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Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller - Part 2 - VIDEO

Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller talks with Center Maryland about how a June primary will affect the 2014 legislative session, open seat prospects in the Senate, and Maryland's decision to enter into the Big Ten Conference.

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Vincent DeMarco – Affordable Care Act -- VIDEO

Inside the Headlines: Vincent DeMarco, President of the Maryland Citizens’ Health Initiative, discusses Maryland's implementation of the Affordable Care Act and the various outreach efforts underway to educate the public on how it will affect them.

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Josh Kurtz -- Gansler Gaffe: MACo but Not Break-o

The worst thing about Doug Gansler’s big gaffe – being caught on tape saying his chief rival for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination, Anthony Brown, is counting on the fact that he is black to get elected – is that he has marginalized whomever he decides to select as his running mate. On that same tape, recorded at an Annapolis political gathering a month ago, Gansler says he will choose an African-American from Baltimore city or Prince George’s County to be his candidate for lieutenant governor. No if’s, and’s, or but’s. Instead, the guy accusing his opponent of making a racial appeal promises to select a No. 2 who will help him make a racial appeal.

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Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller -- VIDEO

Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller visits Center Maryland and talks about the competitive Democratic primary for governor. The Senate President also shares his opinion on the comments made by the Attorney General about race and the Lieutenant Governor, as reported this week by the Washington Post.

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Josh Kurtz: A Man in Full (Almost)

A glorious week with no news -- far enough away from civilization that the technology wouldn’t allow news consumption even if I wanted it to -- and upon plugging back in I discover that Martin O’Malley has all but declared his candidacy for president. I first hear of this from my friend Steven, an e-book publisher in Florida but an old political hand. Steven’s email comes with a simple subject line -- ? -- and a link to a Time magazine interview with O’Malley from the National Governors Association conference in Milwaukee, in which our governor outlines his rationale for a White House bid -- and says he’s closing in on a decision to run. I interpret the question mark in Steven’s email as an entreaty to explain -- explain why a guy he’s barely heard of thinks he’s qualified to lead the free world. So, Steven and readers, let me try.

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Donald Fry: Ten reasons to welcome Baltimore’s Red Line

Baltimore’s Red Line is in position to receive federal funding, putting the region within sight of achieving the comprehensive, connected rail transit envisioned more than 40 years ago.   Countering a smattering of media commentary by a small contingent of Red Line opponents, there are at least 10 good reasons for the widespread support of the project.

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Laslo Boyd: Governing Baltimore County

No property tax rate increases in a quarter century. No increases in the local piggyback income tax rate in 21 years. The highest bond-rating category available to a county government. Two well regarded predecessors with reputations for good management of the county budget. How do you follow acts like those? For a start, Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz has a background similar to Dutch Ruppersberger and Jim Smith; all three are lawyers and former members of County Council. And when you talk to Kamenetz, it’s not surprising that he begins by listing the things that he’s done to improve efficiency and the organization of County Government.

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