Blog Category - Center Maryland - Maryland’s leading source of aggregated and original news and opinion on government, politics, business and more. Fri, 23 Aug 2019 02:55:26 -0400 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Rx Abuse Leadership Initiative of Maryland Reached Hundreds of Residents Across The State With Educational Trailer Featuring Signs of Substance Misuse The Rx Abuse Leadership Initiative (RALI) of Maryland teamed up with its partners to bring the RALI CARES interactive trailer to locations across the state in an effort to help educate parents and adults on the warning signs of teenage substance misuse.

The educational trailer is set up as a mock teenage bedroom to teach parents where signs of addiction may be hidden at home and was designed with the help of both law enforcement and individuals with substance use disorders.

The RALI CARES trailer is a partnership between Code 3 and RALI.  Over the summer, the trailer visited six communities across Maryland, where more than 600 parents, grandparents, community leaders and first responders learned about how to spot signs of drug misuse.  Former law enforcement and other experts were on hand with the trailer to guide participants through the exhibit educating about warning signs, potential areas of abuse and tools to talk to teenagers. Many participants were taken aback by what they saw and implored families and friends to be more vigilant about looking for signs of substance misuse in their own home. 

“This epidemic does not discriminate. Every county in Maryland, including Cecil County, is struggling to get its arms around this crisis,” said Virgil Boysaw, the executive director of Drug Free Cecil, and a RALI Maryland partner. “No one can afford to sit on the sidelines of this crisis and that’s why we have joined the RALI effort. The epidemic is everywhere, so the solutions need to be everywhere too. The RALI CARES trailer allowed us to bring an educational tool directly to Cecil County residents to help each of us learn how we can do our part. We look forward to having the trailer back to Cecil County soon.”

“There’s an epidemic nationwide and it’s affecting people of all ages. But every day it seems like those affected are getting younger and younger and younger,” said Joe Abdalla, executive director of Code 3. “A lot of people who came through the trailer had no idea about the signs we showed them. The more we’re out there, the more people will have a chance to come and learn the hidden warning signs. We’re going to help a lot of people with the Code 3 and RALI partnership.”

The concept for the trailer began after local law enforcement officers had visited bedrooms of young adults who had overdosed. During these visits, the officers observed all types of signs and indicators of substance misuse throughout the room. However, it was clear that to anybody beyond law enforcement the signs weren’t obvious. The trailer helps fill the knowledge gap for parents, grandparents and other adults so they, too, can recognize signs of misuse and perhaps start a conversation around the issue.

“This is so very important for so many reasons.  This can save a child’s life.  (It’s) a lifesaving, educational piece that I think everybody should see,” said Baltimore resident Andrea Counts who toured the trailer in Baltimore City.  

Click here to see a video about the RALI CARES trailer and its appearances in Maryland. 

The RALI Maryland website,, serves as the hub of information about the organization’s efforts. The alliance aims to bring together leaders to mobilize stakeholders, highlight programs that save lives, partner with policymakers and share ideas to effectively address the crisis.

About RALI Maryland
The Rx Abuse Leadership Initiative (RALI) of Maryland is a diverse alliance of nearly two dozen local, state and national organizations committed to finding solutions to help end the opioid crisis in Maryland.  The organization is bringing people and organizations from all walks of life to share, learn and work across community boundaries to help save lives, mobilize stakeholders and provide informational resources. 

  • Addiction Policy Forum
  • Beloved Community Services Corporation
  • Cecil County Community Drug Coalition
  • Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America
  • Hospice & Palliative Care Network of Maryland
  • Maryland Association of Chain Drug Stores
  • Maryland Chamber of Commerce
  • Maryland Fraternal Order of Police
  • Maryland Hospital Association
  • Maryland Pharmacists Association
  • Maryland Realtors
  • Maryland Rural Health Association
  • Maryland Sheriffs’ Association/Maryland Chiefs of Police
  • Maryland State Grange
  • MedChi, the Maryland State Medical Society
  • National Black Nurses Association
  • National Consumers League
  • National Sheriffs’ Association
  • Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America
  • Professional Firefighters of Maryland
  • Southern Baptist Church
  • Union Baptist Church
  • Veterans Health Council
  • Vets Against Drugs
  • Vietnam Veterans of America
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Port Discovery Children’s Museum unveils cargo ship exhibit with support from Ports America Chesapeake This summer, Port Discovery Children’s Museum reopened its doors to its newest exhibit, The Port, which highlights the importance of the Port of Baltimore to the region. The exhibit was developed through the support of private and public financial commitments, including a $50,000 grant from Ports America Chesapeake and Steamship Trade Association Charitable Legacy.

“People from around the world come together at the Port,” said Port Discovery Vice President of Development and Communications Jennifer Bedon. “The exhibit is like a metaphor—kids across the community are playing side by side and all working together to get something from here to there.”

“Ports America Chesapeake is proud to support ‘The Port’ exhibit at Port Discovery,” said Ports America Chesapeake Vice President Bayard Hogans. “We love that both parents and kids will learn more about the Port’s impact in the state and the idea that it may inspire the next generation of engineers, marine superintendents and stevedores.”

Located in a prime location at the center of the museum, The Port exhibit explores maritime industries and their impact on local, regional and global activities. On a life-size sculpture of a cargo ship titled S.S. Friend Ship, kids are encouraged to use their imagination to become captains, engineers, sailors, crane operators and more. Children can imagine themselves as engineers in the mock engine room, which includes the tools and components found in a real marine engine room. Additional features include a mock gantry crane lifting lightweight storage containers that helps children improve motor skills, and four different engine component activities that focus on problem-solving skills and teamwork.

PAC furthered its commitment to the museum through a $12,500 sponsorship of $2 Family Fun Night events this summer. Through this donation, families throughout Maryland will receive $16 off the original ticket price for entry.

“[PAC’s] philanthropic support is so important to allow people from this community to come through these doors,” Bedon said.

Through Port Discovery’s new exhibit, The Port, children learn the value of the Port of Baltimore and how professionals work together to move goods. The exhibit is part of a $10.5 million renovation for Port Discovery, the museum's first major makeover since 1998.

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Report: The Unintended Consequences of Impact Fees in Baltimore County
Read Full Report Here]]>
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Don Mohler: A Look in the Rear View Mirror One year ago, we lost my friend Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz far too soon. As many of you know, just days before his untimely passing, Kevin spent 14 hours filming footage for the gubernatorial commercials that were going to air the following week. For obvious reasons, that footage remained unedited for almost a year. Thankfully, Dave Hamrick and Dan Rabin, the creators behind RSH Campaigns, recently completed the two commercials that would have filled the air waves. I can’t think of a better way to honor Kevin’s legacy.

The County Executive’s family recently viewed the commercials for the very first time and authorized us to share them with you on Center Maryland. I hope you will enjoy and understand why so many of us believed that Kevin Kamenetz would have been the democratic candidate for governor if fate had not taken another turn.

- Don Mohler

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Cailey Locklair - MDRA OP-Ed The Maryland Retailers Association supports the firm stance Governor Hogan and the Maryland legislature took against selling Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems, or “ENDS,” to minors. Maryland retailers provide adult smokers access to healthier and safer alternatives to cigarettes, and these products were never intended to encourage teen smoking. We believe ENDS products should not be marketed towards children, and will continue to fight for common sense measures against this practice.

However, we cannot support Food and Drug Administration Acting Commissioner Sharpless's proposed regulations that would effectively end the sale of e- cigarette products in convenience stores and service stations in the state. Denying adults access to e-cigarette products would not help Marylanders. In fact, denying access to healthier alternatives to smoking would only encourage Marylanders to continue consuming combustible tobacco products.

Moreover, the retail industry already goes to great lengths to keep teens from smoking. Just as we require identification to purchase tobacco products, we require purchasers of e-cigarette products to provide state-issued identification. If they are not of age, they cannot buy the product. And it is already illegal to sell vaping products to anyone under the age of 18 in the State of Maryland.

This proposal by President Trump’s administration would not only hurt smokers seeking healthier alternatives to tobacco products, it would also hurt our economy. Sales of e-cigarette products play a vital role in the marketplace and enables Maryland retailers to employ more Marylanders. Ending the sale of

these products in thriving Maryland retail locations would encourage consumers to instead buy them online, which would hurt Maryland businesses, impact the number of jobs available, and reduce the tax revenue brought in by our state.

We hope that Acting Commissioner Sharpless will re-consider this position, and encourage our fellow Marylanders to ask our elected officials to take a stand against misguided proposals like this one. It’s not too late for the Trump administration to change course – and for the health and well-being of Maryland’s voters, we hope they do.


Contact: Cailey Locklair Tolle Phone: 317-397-1918

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