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Carmela Coyle of the Maryland Hospital Association: Hospitals: First, Do No Harm

National Patient Safety Awareness Week is March 13-19, and it’s when patient safety advocates across the nation work to increase awareness of all that is happening to reduce harm to patients as a result of healthcare-acquired conditions – those that a patient might have contracted during their hospital or nursing home stay. Here in Maryland, safety is wrapped up in everything that hospitals do, because our state does things differently.Maryland is the only state in the nation that sets the rates hospitals can charge, and our agreement with the federal government that allows this unique system tightly monitors patient safety. Hospitals are meeting aggressive goals to make sure patients have the follow-up care they need so they don’t have to return to the hospital, and to reduce infections (two longstanding measures of quality and safety for health care). As importantly in Maryland, our system is helping hospitals make great progress in... Continue reading
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Center Maryland Exclusive | Rev. Dr. Alvin Hathaway of Union Baptist Church: A plan for new opportunities in Port Covington

Rev. Dr. Alvin Hathaway of Union Baptist Church sits down with Damian O'Doherty to discuss Sagamore Development Company's comprehensive vision for the redevelopment Port Covington. As the new home to an international brand and thousands of jobs, Hathaway views this as an opportunity to lift up the entire city.... Continue reading
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Center Maryland Exclusive | Greg Vetter of Tessemae’s All Natural: A brand for a healthy, balanced life

Greg Vetter, CEO of Maryland-based Tessemae's All Natural, speaks with Damian O'Doherty about his growing brand's place in the expanding organic food industry. Tessemae's has recently placed a unique line of fresh, refrigerated condiments, including ketchup, buffalo sauce, and mayonnaise, alongside their famous salad dressing on shelves in markets across the country. This Tessemae's product innovation is targeted towards knowledgeable and discerning customers -- primarily "Millennial moms" -- who tend to incorporate organic products into their family's food purchasing plan. The discussion closes with Vetter reminiscing on his life in Annapolis and the strong bond he feels with the area.... Continue reading
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Josh Kurtz: What’s in a Name?

For the past year we have seen hundreds of reminders that a competitive race in Maryland’s 8th congressional district is different from elections everyplace else. Whether it’s the pedigree of the contenders, their ability to raise and spend money, their prior links to Capitol Hill and national policy debates, and the political sophistication of the electorate, there’s nothing quite like a Democratic primary where candidates are pandering to voters who imagine themselves as the next Deputy Secretary of Something in the Hillary Clinton administration. We add to this list another phenomenon unique to District 8 that we’ve recently detected: The ability of candidates to name drop. You expect a certain amount of name-dropping in any Democratic contest anyplace: President Obama, Martin Luther King, the Kennedys or Clintons maybe. But we realized the practice in the 8th had run amok when one of the candidates at a recent debate named-checked Jan Schakowsky. Huh? That... Continue reading
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Sponsored Video: Statewide Poll finds 7 out of 10 Marylanders support the Creation of a Birth Injury Fund in Maryland

The Maryland Maternity Access Coalition conducted a state-wide poll to gauge support for a No-Fault Birth Injury Fund in Maryland, an alternative to our state's current medical liability system. Bill advocates hosted a press conference in Annapolis to announce bill filing and poll results.  According to OpinionWorks pollster Steve Raabe, "voters see the proposal for a birth injury fund as common sense, with 71 percent in favor and 16 percent opposed. This bill is bipartisan."... Continue reading
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