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Dvorak: 20 years after D.C. sniper attacks, we keep ignoring what it was all about

October 7, 2022

They’re still not hearing her. And that infuriates Mildred Muhammad. Because as media reports of the 20th anniversary of her ex-husband’s shooting rampage, the terror and drama of an entire region ducking for cover in supermarket parking lots, of schools canceling outdoor recess, force her to relive her own personal nightmare, no one’s talking about how it all started. “It was a domestic violence and child custody issue,” said the woman who escaped becoming the final victim as that horrifying string of murders closed in, closer and closer to her. Most of the time, Mildred Muhammad and the decayed, violent marriage she escaped are forgotten in the retelling of how John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo killed 10 innocent people.

Article Source: Washington Post

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