About Us

About Center Maryland

Center Maryland is a news organization founded in 2011 and led by Baltimore business, community, and media leaders to aggregate all of Maryland’s finest journalism, latest news, and relevant editorial content in one location.

Center Maryland welcomes contributions of news and content from people across the political spectrum as a moderating and unifying hub of reliable news and diverse views.

Who We Are

Center Maryland is brought to you by KO Public Affairs.  Founded in 2008, KO has represented leading corporations and nonprofits in healthcare, energy, education, international relations, energy, real estate, transportation, manufacturing, retail, and sports and entertainment.

Collectively, KO’s leadership has run and won communications campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, national and local nonprofits, as well as occasional political efforts. With backgrounds in government, media, coalition building and grass roots organizing, KO offers diverse talents and extensive connections in the media, as well as through our broad local, state and national network.

KO’s creative team sets us apart from other public affairs firms. There’s no cookie-cutter approach.  Every client and every situation is unique.  We’ve been successful for a long time because we find the solution that works for each client. For more information about KO, click here.