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Alsobrooks: Attack on Trump shows urgent need for assault weapons ban

On Saturday afternoon, a young man attempted to assassinate the former president of the United States at a political rally. And while Donald Trump survived this violent attack, volunteer fire chief Corey Comperatore was killed and two others were critically injured. Both President Joe Biden and former President Trump have rightly called on Americans to come together in a rare moment of unity.


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What’s missing from this Republican convention

I’m standing across the street from the apartment where I lived, back in 1983, in this city’s River West neighborhood. The street looks substantially the same, though I’m sorry to discover that Harry’s Chapel, the tavern that used to be two doors down, where a 12-ounce glass of Miller High Life on tap sold for a quarter, is gone.

If we had $1B to spend on physician training…

Last week’s jaw-dropping $1 billion donation from billionaire Michael R. Bloomberg to Johns Hopkins University, enabling tuition-free medical school for most students, probably kicked off a lot of celebrations from Homewood to Name-Your-City-Here. The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine was already ranked among the nation’s best (second only to Harvard University, according to U.S. News & World Report rankings).

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photo of white and gray fighter jet
Let Ukraine fly its jets from ‘sanctuary bases’ on NATO territory

Russia has been leveraging Western fears of escalation by carving out sanctuary space in its sovereign territory to launch offensive strikes into Ukraine. Its military assets remain partly shielded while Ukraine’s remain exposed. Perhaps now Europe and the United States can offset that advantage by creating sanctuary space for Ukrainian forces in NATO countries.

City must embrace public campaign funding

Money dominates the headlines during elections, whether it’s a city race or the race for the White House. We want to know who’s funding whom, who’s raised the most money, and who’s being backed by which big-money PAC. If it feels like the role of money in politics has gotten more powerful, it’s because it has.

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We can disagree politically without being sworn enemies

After the attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump last weekend, political participants, pundits and observers on all parts of the political spectrum should take a deep breath and dial down the rhetoric. Thankfully, Trump was not seriously wounded, or worse, in the attack. If he had been killed, the ramifications for our country are too horrifying to consider.

Dan Rodricks: A farewell to summer fishing

The Donald Trump allies behind Project 2025, the plan to shift the federal government to the ideological right and expand presidential power, want to abolish the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration because NOAA is “one of the main drivers of the climate change alarm industry.” I didn’t know that tracking weather and climate change was an “industry.” I thought it was science.

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White House, Washington DC
Serious coverage of political violence has never been more critical

After the horrible assassination attempt against former president Donald Trump, President Biden spoke eloquently Sunday about the need to lower the temperature, to renounce violence and to engage in peaceful political debate. “There is no place in America for this kind of violence,” he implored viewers. “We can’t allow this violence to be normalized. … It’s time to cool it down. And we all have a responsibility to do that.” He nevertheless stressed the need for vigorous debate.

Nature, quiet and Wi-Fi: Discover glamping less than 3 hours from Baltimore

There’s an internet meme that asks what message you’d write to let your loved ones know you’ve been kidnapped — a statement so unlike you that they’d know something was wrong and to look for you immediately. My longtime answer was, “I am voluntarily camping in the woods,” as I am a proud, lifelong, five-star-hotel snob who considers roughing it to be a place without room service. After three peaceful, lo-fi but not completely unplugged nights looking at the stars from under a canopy of green along Virginia’s Shenandoah Mountain, though, I’m going to have to come up with another one.

Must Maryland beg for Key Bridge aid?

Seventeen years ago, one of the busiest bridges in Minnesota fell into the Mississippi River in the middle of evening rush hour, killing 13 people and injuring 145. The tragic fall of the I-35W Mississippi River Bridge in downtown Minneapolis was correctly judged a national catastrophe. The Red Cross was called out. Huge memorial services were held for the victims. The eyes of the world were upon the “Star of the North.”

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