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Mohler: The Canary in the Coal Mine

September 12, 2022

As we sprint toward November 8, 2022, there will no shortage of analysis or visits to The Front Porch regarding what is about to transpire. That journey begins today. In his book, Why We’re Polarized, Ezra Klein wrote, “We are so locked into our political identities that there is virtually no candidate, no information, no condition, that can force us to change our minds. We will justify almost anything or anyone so long as it helps our side, and the result is politics devoid of guardrails, standards, persuasion, or accountability.” That concludes this visit to The Porch, well not really, but it certainly could. The polarization and tribalism that grips our nation is at a fever pitch and is putting our grand democratic experiment on the ballot this fall.

Article Source: The Front Porch

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