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Quiet quitting may be more widespread than ever. And managers are not immune.

September 9, 2022

More workers may be “quiet quitting” than the recent viral TikTok trend has revealed, at least according to a new Gallup survey — and that includes some managers. “Quiet quitting,” or when workers do only what they feel is called for in their job descriptions and commensurate with their pay — also called “acting your wage” or “working to the rule” — is measured by experts as engagement to the workplace. A new Gallup poll found 32% of workers were engaged while the number who are actively “disengaged” has increased to 18%, or a ratio of 1.8 to 1  — the lowest in nearly a decade. It follows a trend that began in 2021 and coincided with the Great Resignation. The remainder of the workforce lies somewhere in between.

Article Source: Baltimore Business Journal

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