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Investment in people offers path forward to fix Baltimore infrastructure

January 3, 2023
Downtown Baltimore on the Harbor

During the past few months, many of us in Baltimore have been boiling our water before using it. You read that right: In the highest-income state, in the wealthiest country in the entire world, in our largest city, many of us are not sure we have safe, drinking water. The late-summer water crisis appears to have passed, but it stands as a reminder that many of our kids have been unable to drink the water in our schools for decades because of issues with our water systems. Water, our safety, our transportation infrastructure, our climate resilience -— all these are a reminder of how officials at every level neglect places such as Harlem Park and Sandtown-Winchester, but also Clifton Park, Cherry Hill, New Broadway East, and so many of our neighborhoods.

Article Source: The Baltimore Banner

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