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Maryland House passes scores of bills, including Trans Health Equity Act, during extended weekend session

Facing looming deadlines and with scores of legislation up in the air, Maryland delegates convened Saturday in Annapolis for a weekend bill-passing session.The 141-member House met for several hours to cram through a slew of bills before Monday’s “crossover day.” That’s the last day bills can pass either the House or the Senate and get a hearing in the opposite chamber without going through extra procedural steps. The General Assembly session is scheduled to end in just over three weeks.


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Maryland lawmakers allot more money to K-12 education

Maryland lawmakers are working to shift between $300 million and $400 million in the state budget to add more help to implement the state’s K-12 education funding law, known as the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future. The money is in the state’s $63.1 billion budget plan, which the Maryland House approved Friday for the next fiscal year on a 131-5 vote. That sends the legislation to the Senate.


Prince George’s Co. council introduces guaranteed income program legislation

Prince George’s County, Maryland, Council member Krystal Oriadha is proposing legislation to create a guaranteed basic income pilot program to help residents take care of their basic needs. Oriadha said this program is modeled after a similar one in Stockton, California. If passed, the region’s program would let 200 low-income families participate and receive monthly cash stipends for 24 months. Those in the program would receive direct cash to support their basic needs like food and utilities. The benefits would be eligible to residents who live at or below the poverty line.

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School voucher program in jeopardy as Md. lawmakers disagree on spending

A voucher program championed by former Maryland governor Larry Hogan (R) that allows low-income students in the state to attend private schools using state money is quietly causing friction among Democrats in Annapolis. On one side is Hogan’s successor, Gov. Wes Moore (D), who, backed by top leaders of the House of Delegates, moved to slash 20 percent of the $10 million in state-funded scholarships from his first budget, with the goal of phasing the program out, saying public dollars should go to public schools.

Mayor Scott promised to close Baltimore’s digital divide. 2 years in, the city still can’t say how it gets there

In a hearing before City Council in June of last year, Baltimore’s then-chief broadband official outlined a vision to bring next-generation internet connection to one of the poorest parts of town, the public housing project Gilmor Homes, within a matter of weeks. He pitched the idea as step one in an aggressive campaign to establish 100 communal Wi-Fi hotspots across West Baltimore, all within a year.


Montgomery Co. wants to hear from residents about long-term pedestrian plan

According to results from a survey by the Montgomery County Planning Board, just over half of residents surveyed said they are satisfied with conditions as they walk around the county — be it taking their dog for a walk, running errands or waiting for a bus. However, there are proposals to improve what planners call “the pedestrian experience” in the Maryland county.


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Maryland State Capital Building.
General Assembly bills approach ‘crossover day’ with some ahead of the game, others hanging in the balance

Maryland lawmakers will hit a key deadline Monday that kicks off the final stretch of their annual 90-day session and makes much clearer which bills are likely to pass — or fail — before time runs out. With hundreds of bills in the works, “crossover day” marks the deadline for the House and Senate to pass bills to each other. After Monday, if a bill is still in its first chamber, it will face additional hurdles to be sure of a hearing in the second chamber in the session’s three remaining weeks.

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Aerial panorama of Chesapeake Bay Bridge at sunset. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge (known locally as the Bay Bridge) is a major dual-span bridge in the U.S. state of Maryland.
Gov. Moore requesting federal assistance in protecting the Chesapeake Bay from invasive fish species

Governor Wes Moore is federal assistance for the Chesapeake Bay, amid concerns of an increase in invasive fish species, the Governor’s office said Thursday. According to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, the population and value of Maryland’s most important commercial fish has decreased since 2012, which hurts the state economy,

Bill removing marijuana smell as probable cause clears House hurdle

The House of Delegates on Thursday gave preliminary approval to legislation that would bar police from detaining individuals simply because they smelled of marijuana. Following its voice vote, the House could vote as early as Friday on passage of the bill, which states that marijuana’s odor alone gives police neither reasonable suspicion nor probable cause to suspect someone of criminal activity. The smell, however, could still be a factor in an officer’s reasonable suspicion during a traffic stop that a person was driving while impaired by marijuana.


Gov. Moore replacing health care provider at Charlotte Hall Veterans Home after reports of abuse and neglect

Gov. Wes Moore on Wednesday blasted a private health care contractor for abusing and neglecting veterans residing in a state-run assisted living and skilled nursing facility, announcing the state has taken steps to terminate the 21-year relationship. The state has paid HMR Maryland LLC hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funds to oversee management and operations of the 454-bed facility going back as far as 2002. The governor said the state will look to hire a contractor to replace HMR.



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