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Center Maryland’s The Lobby Podcast Episode 71: Nick Mosby

February 1, 2024
The Lobby
The Lobby
Center Maryland's The Lobby Podcast Episode 71: Nick Mosby

This week’s guest is Baltimore City Council President Nick Mosby. Council President Mosby joins Center Maryland’s The Lobby Podcast to talk about everything that is happening in Baltimore City.

About Baltimore City Council President Nick Mosby

As a father of two daughters, leader, mentor, public servant and proud Baltimorean, City Council President Nick J. Mosby has never forgotten his humble beginnings and will never turn a blind eye on his city, people and community. A native son of the city, Nick graduated from Baltimore Polytechnic Institute and went on to study Electrical Engineering at Tuskegee University, a historically Black college in Alabama.

Upon receiving an engineering degree, Nick returned home. In 2011, Nick ran for City Council and as a Councilman created and ran a mentoring program for juveniles awaiting trial as adults. He also passed legislation banning the requirement of criminal records on job applications, as well as introduced and passed legislation stopping liquor stores from selling merchandise to minors. In 2015, throughout the Baltimore City unrest, Nick argued that the rioting was the result of years of neglect of Baltimore’s youth, lack of employment opportunities and poverty that lead to people to fend for themselves in unproductive ways.

Nick took his fight from Baltimore City Hall to the Maryland State House in 2017 where he was appointed to the House of Delegates in the Maryland General Assembly. As a State Delegate, Nick successfully passed legislation to allocate  millions of dollars in financial aid for GED recipients, enact fair hiring laws for formerly incarcerated citizens, end the draconian practice of taking property based on late water bills, and  strengthen Maryland’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities by creating tax credits to increase endowments. Nick successfully won election in 2018 to the House of Delegate, where he served as a member of the Ways and Means Committee and Chair of the Election Law Subcommittee.

As Council President, Nick has fought every day for bold action, efficient reform, and transparency at every level of city government. He continues to advocate for Baltimore City residents and emphasizes bringing each community to the table to have their voice heard and valued. He is a proud member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated, and worships at New Psalmist Baptist Church of Baltimore.


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