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He’s Holy I’m Knott Welcomes the great Jim Shaw, a true Maryland Treasure

July 14, 2022
He's Holy. I'm Knott.
He's Holy. I'm Knott.
He's Holy I'm Knott Welcomes the great Jim Shaw, a true Maryland Treasure

Rev Al Hathaway and I are so excited to uncover the life of an incredible man from the town of Federalsburg, Maryland, a town of 1900..the great Jim Shaw.  I have had the pleasure of getting to know Jim well over the past 6 years, his life is facinating and he’s a real hero not only to me but many others. A father of two he’s a family man recently celebrating his 62nd anniversary. Jim walks us through his journey from the small Eastern Shore town of Federalsburg where he graduated high school with 36 others and went on to ROTC at the University of Maryland.  He joined the Air Force and was trained on the first class of Jet’s, the F86 Shooting Star, the first operational jet fighter used by the US Air Force.  He’s flown a bunch of jets including a Hurricane Hunter out of Bermuda…flying into the eye of many Hurricane’s… Jim walks us through the skills needed to keep your cool when things are getting rough in the air, “Attitude” being number 1…

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