EDITORIAL: Attacks on Fauci breed public distrust — and that may prove deadly, Maryland poll shows

As far as historians can tell, neither Harry Truman nor Dwight Eisenhower ever called Dr. Jonas Salk a “disaster” even as the nation grappled with a poliovirus epidemic in the late 1940s and early 1950s that disabled about 35,000 Americans each year and forced the equivalent of lockdowns in the summer months. This may be why people readily accepted the earliest polio vaccine when it was declared safe and effective in 1955. But, oh, how the times have changed. (Balt Sun)

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Bogdan & Orr: Maryland voters can balance the budget process

Voters have the opportunity this election to make Maryland government far more democratic and responsive to the people. This year’s first statewide ballot issue, Question 1, would make a much-needed adjustment in the state Constitution to provide a better balance of budget authority between the governor and the General Assembly while maintaining the requirement of a balanced and fiscally sound budget. Passing Question 1 is an essential change that would give more people a voice in how we allocate precious state resources. (Wash Post)

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Foley: The Supreme Court ruling on ballot deadlines may be more of a reprieve for Democrats than a win

When the Supreme Court issued an order Monday allowing Pennsylvania voters another three days to return mail-in ballots, it looked like a win for Democrats in a state whose outcome could be critical to the presidential election. It might turn out to be more like a temporary reprieve. Pennsylvania requires that mail-in ballots be received by Election Day. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that the difficulties presented by the pandemic required giving voters three extra days for their ballots to arrive, so long as the ballots are cast by Election Day. (Wash Post)

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Reich: The GOP’s hypocrisy over wearing masks

Donald Trump and many Republicans insist that the decisions whether to wear a mask, go to a bar or gym, or work or attend school during a pandemic should be personal. Government should play no role. Yet they also believe that what a woman does with her own body, or whether same-sex couples can marry, should be decided by government. (Balt Sun)

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Rodricks: After man accused of firing shotgun at Trump supporters, Maryland judge asks question on all our minds: ‘How did we get to this point?’

Philip Tirabassi, a Maryland District Court judge in Baltimore County, asked the question millions of Americans, maybe even some supporters of President Donald Trump, have asked themselves throughout 2020: “How did we get to this point?” The judge had just ordered into home detention a fellow named Douglas Kuhn, who is alleged to have fired a shotgun blast at a pickup truck displaying a large Trump campaign sign on Saturday afternoon. (Balt Sun)

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DeFilippo: Not the Ink Blue State People Think It Is

It came as no shock or surprise a while back when Connie Morella, the former Republican congresswoman from Montgomery County, endorsed Democrat Joe Biden for president. Morella, like the two dozen other Republican formers – governors, mayors, members of Congress – who joined her, harks back to a time of traditional Republicanism in Maryland when, in fact, the GOP was the state’s liberal party – the party of Lincoln, to those of a certain age, before the vainglorious and ruinous policies of President Trump corrupted it. But to be fair, the GOP was in decline well before the cropper arrived. (Md Matters)

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Don’t be like Maryland’s governor: Vote for the living

Late last week, it was disclosed that Gov. Larry Hogan, rather than choose any of the candidates running for president in 2020 (or any other sentient creature), wrote in the name of Ronald Reagan, the nation’s 40th president who died 16 years ago, on his General Election ballot. He seems to believe he deserves some credit for this as it meant the Republican governor did not vote for Donald Trump, his party’s standard-bearer. “I know it’s simply symbolic,” he told The Washington Post. (Balt Sun)

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It’s time to finally fix the problems with policing in Maryland

The residents of Maryland have spoken: They are not happy with the way police misconduct is handled in the state. That was one of the main take-aways from a Goucher College poll released last week that found the majority of residents believe that major police reform is needed, even as they say they generally view officers favorably. In other words, they want police to keep their neighborhoods and communities safe, but they also want to see an end to brutality and bad behavior by corrupt cops. (Balt Sun)

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