Wendy Davis Interview Series: Episode 1

KOFA Managing Partner Jamie Fontaine talks with Wendy Davis, former Texas State Senator and founder of the women’s advocacy initiative Deeds Not Words, about the opportunities and challenges facing today’s young women. 

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Hogan's State Center report leaves one big question: What will happen to the 3,000 people who work there?

There’s a curious omission in the 103-page report on possible redevelopment of the State Center complex in Baltimore that Gov. Larry Hogan released this week — any mention whatsoever of the 3,000-plus state employees who work there and what might become of them. Sure, the governor touted the report’s conclusions about the potential for retail, offices, restaurants and a grocery store and took some shots at the group of developers now in litigation with the state after Mr. Hogan and the other members of the Board of Public Works pulled the plug on a decade of efforts to remake the site. But about the state employees working in crumbling buildings whose needs started this whole conversation way back in the Ehrlich administration? Not a peep. (Balt. Sun)

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Cory McCray's Story is Baltimore's Story

Baltimore has shaped Cory since the day he was born. Now Cory is working hand-in-hand with our neighborhoods to shape Baltimore. Cory is running for Senate so that he can continue expanding our opportunities, listening to our needs, and figuring out how to serve them. He asks for your support, as he continues to work on our behalf in Annapolis.

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We need a State Center plan

Here's the good news: When Gov. Larry Hogan joined Mayor Catherine Pugh for a tour of the State Center office complex in Baltimore, the redevelopment plans for which he killed last year, he unequivocally committed to keeping the more than 3,000 state jobs now located there in the city. He discussed with the mayor ideas for redeveloping the site and made clear that he believes the state should be a part of that effort. The bad news is, Mr. Hogan engaged in some serious revisionist history about the long stalled project, which was initially conceived by the Ehrlich administration in 2004. (Balt. Sun)

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Five Issues for the White House Opioid Commission to Address

Yesterday, the President’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis issued its draft interim report on fighting the national opioid crisis. I support the draft recommendations included in the Commission’s report, especially the call for declaring a national state of emergency. 

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Jamie Fontaine: Fear 2.0

Trump’s Twitter announcement Wednesday that the U.S. will no longer “accept or allow” transgender people to serve in our military may well be his most blatant and outrageous attack on the LGBT community yet.

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Dr. Leana Wen: Baltimore City Health Commissioner Condemns New Senate Healthcare Proposal

A Senate bill revealed today – the so-called the Better Care Reconciliation Act – is even worse than the initial proposal and will result in loss of healthcare for millions of Americans. 

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National Brain Tumor Society: 2nd Annual Baltimore Brain Tumor Walk

Kelsey sat in the doctor’s office with her family looking at an MRI that showed a visible white mass. Her doctor confirmed the diagnosis and said the four words she feared most: it’s a brain tumor. Overcome with anxiety and confusion, she asked the doctor about her options and what would happen next. 

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