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Center Maryland Exclusive: Curtis Johnson of the New Leaders Council

Curtis Johnson, the director of the Maryland chapter of the New Leaders Council, speaks with Damian about what his organization of young leaders hopes to accomplish in Baltimore and throughout Maryland. He discusses the New Leaders Council fellowship program – a group of socio-political entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in their community. Due to a variety of factors, Johnson believes the city of Baltimore provides young people a great environment to begin a life of social entrepreneurship.... Continue reading
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Laslo Boyd: Spoiler Alert

On Saturday, May 30, Martin O’Malley will announce that he is a candidate for the Democratic nomination for president.  Oh, you already knew that?  In fact, you’ve known for quite a while.  So much for breaking news. In that case, let’s move directly to the question of whether O’Malley’s candidacy is credible.  In some Maryland circles, it’s fashionable to be cynical about O’Malley running for higher office and to dismiss his effort as having no chance.  That conclusion is too glib and too easy.  In fact, the former governor has done a remarkable job of positioning himself as part of the national discussion about the 2016 Election.  Maryland has not historically been a cradle of presidential candidates but O’Malley with hard work and smart strategic choices has gotten himself on a very short list. To understand what he has accomplished up to now and to put his candidacy in the right... Continue reading
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Josh Kurtz: O’Malley’s Opening

By Josh Kurtz As he launches his campaign for the White House this week, former Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) brings undeniable attributes to the table: his record as governor and as mayor of Baltimore; his intellect and policy chops; his youth and vigor; and his rock star persona. But all these may be of little import. Politics is situational, and O’Malley could be the beneficiary of two very big train wrecks in national Democratic politics. We don’t yet know the potential for O’Malley’s candidacy – or whether he’s even crossed the threshold of credibility with the national media, who have altogether too much say in the process, or with voters in early states like Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. And we certainly don’t know if he’s got the campaign apparatus in place to go the distance, though early indications are fairly promising. He has supplemented his hometown political network with... Continue reading
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Center Maryland Exclusive: Rev. Dr. Alvin Gwynn, Jr

The Reverend Dr. Alvin Gwynn, Jr., pastor of the Leadenhall Baptist Church, speaks with Damian about the hopes he has for Baltimore City after his participation in the peaceful protests that built and strengthened community relationships. A native of Baltimore City, he was licensed to the ministry and ordained at the Friendship Baptist Church. He began actively preaching throughout the Baltimore Metropolitan area and teaching Bible study at the Friendship Baptist Church, where his father, The Rev. Dr. Alvin Gwynn, Sr., is the pastor. Rev. Gwynn has also taught with the Baptist Missionary Convention’s Bible Institute in Baltimore. Dr. Gwynn, Jr. is a graduate of the Morgan State University, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, and the University of Baltimore, where he received a Master of Public Administration and Public Policy degree.... Continue reading
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Inside Out: Delegate Kumar Barve (D-17), Part 2

Maryland State Delegate Kumar Barve (D-17), chair of the House Environment and Transportation committee, is seeking to represent the citizens of the 8th Maryland congressional district. He joins Center Maryland to discuss environmental policy, renewable energy, his unique perspective on tax policy matters, and education.... Continue reading
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