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Donald Fry: Will Maryland make its election ‘pterodactyl’ extinct?

By: Donald C. Fry  Today, a group of advocates for redistricting reform will make their point about Maryland’s now-notorious, convoluted congressional election districts in a unique way – they will run through one. Runners will begin the inaugural “Gerrymander Meander” in Baltimore’s Hampden neighborhood and spend a weekend of relays wandering through Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District, the map of which a federal judge once described as “a broken-winged pterodactyl lying prostrate across the center of the state.”They will finish in Annapolis, only 35 miles away – a distance that an accomplished runner could handle in a day. But by staying strictly within the district’s boundaries, they will be forced to wander around the 3rd District for three days back and forth over 225 miles through Baltimore City and four Central Maryland counties to get to Maryland’s capital on Sunday. Maryland’s 3rd District makes no sense, huh?  Others think so as well, including... Continue reading
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Shelly Hettleman: You Shouldn’t Have to See it to Believe it

By: Shelly Hettleman  The old adage, “you have to see it to believe it” has taken on a whole new meaning these past few days with the release of the videotape showing Ray Rice knocking unconscious his then-fiancee Janay Palmer. It is tragic that it took a videotape to convince the NFL and the Ravens (and the community at large) that what Rice did was really and truly violent. While much has been written about this incident, I believe the main crux of the issue has been overlooked:  the failure of our community to take domestic violence seriously. How is it that the legal system did not adequately respond to this act of brutality? After all, the prosecutor saw the videotape from the outset. In another recent domestic violence case, an Alabama federal judge – with lifetime tenure on the bench -- who brutally beat his wife just accepted a plea... Continue reading
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Kamenetz bets on O's

Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz is placing a bet with the County Executives of Montgomery and Prince George's counties over who lasts longer in the playoffs -- the Orioles or the Nationals. Watch his video challenge and learn what's at stake in the bet.... Continue reading
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Connecting Baltimore’s Community through its Markets

In the latest installment of Market People, Martin Knott talks with Matt Gallagher and Stockton Williams about the ways in which Baltimore’s markets foster connections in the community and their potential to do so to an even greater extent through investments in community and neighborhood development programs.Market People is an interview series that explores the role of Baltimore’s marketplaces in improving access to healthy food options and spurring community and economic development. Stockton Williams is a principal at HR&A Advisors, Matt Gallagher is President & CEO of the Goldseker Foundation and Martin Knott is President of Knott Mechanical and Chairman of the Maryland Economic Development Corporation (MEDCO).... Continue reading
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Center MD:Inside Out John Olszewski Jr. – Creating Tools for Small Business Success

Del. John Olszewski Jr., a candidate for state Senate, continues his visit with Center Maryland to discuss ways to create tools for small businesses to succeed in Baltimore County and Maryland. He also talks about his commitment and vision for community opportunities.Center Maryland: Inside Out brings political realities to the forefront of the discussion, advancing reasonable and responsible ideas. Lisa Harris Jones is an Attorney at Law and Lobbyist, Member and Founder of Harris Jones & Malone, LLC. Damian O’Doherty is a Corporate Communications Strategist, a Principal of KO Public Affairs LLC, and Co-Founder of Center Maryland.... Continue reading
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