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Donald Fry: New study: there’s opportunity in middle-skill jobs

By Donald C. Fry Almost 36,000 new job hires for key middle-skill occupations are expected in the Baltimore region by 2020, according to a new study gauging occupational training opportunities in the region. Emerging middle-skill jobs, coupled with effective workforce training strategies, could take a significant bite out of the region’s current unemployment level of 105,000 workers and offer existing low-wage workers with less than a four-year college degree an opportunity to move into jobs that pay a living wage. That’s among the findings of a regional talent pipeline study by the Opportunity Collaborative, a sustainable development coalition of government agencies and nonprofits that includes the Greater Baltimore Committee.   Among other things, the study also confirms the contrasting workforce demographics of a region where, at the same time, more than a third of its residents have four-year college degrees or higher and one third is comprised of individuals whose education... Continue reading
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Laslo Boyd: Larry Hogan and Scott Walker

By: Laslo Boyd Wisconsin Governor and 2016 Presidential Candidate Scott Walker has attracted national attention for his highly critical stance towards the University of Wisconsin.   A public institution that has been widely regarded for decades as a national model is being used by Walker as a punching bag to appeal to anti-intellectuals, small government advocates, and the “slash the state budget regardless of the consequences” crowd. The leading edge of his plan is a proposed $300 million cut to the university’s budget.  Even in an era in which the state share of public universities budgets has been declining everywhere, this meat cleaver approach still stands out.   Walker’s hostility and, even more significant, lack of understanding of the importance of higher education was also demonstrated by an initial effort to delete from the University’s mission statement the words “search for truth” and substitute “meeting the state’s workforce needs.” Walker backed away from... Continue reading
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Mileah Kromer: The Way It Always Was and Other Resident Reflections on Letting Summer Be Summer

By: Mileah KromerLast fall, the Goucher Poll found that 71% of Maryland residents supported an after-Labor Day start date for Maryland schools. Our new poll shows Marylanders have not changed their opinions on the proposition-turned-introduced-legislation (SB 455), colloquially known as “Let Summer Be Summer”—72% of residents say they support Comptroller Peter Franchot’s push for the post-Labor Day start. The results of our last two surveys provide an indication of what Marylanders think, but our most recent survey also sheds light on why they think it. On our current survey, we asked residents to tell us why they supported or opposed the initiative; a summary of the results are found below: Next, as you may have heard, there is a proposal to move the official start date of Maryland public schools to after Labor Day weekend. Do you [support or oppose] this proposal? * Oppose: 19% * Support: 72% * Don’t Know/Refused:... Continue reading
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Josh Kurtz: 2018, Already

By: Josh Kurtz The General Assembly session hits its halfway point on Thursday, and still not much is happening. The administration of new Gov. Larry Hogan (R) is still finding its way, and legislative leaders continue to adjust to the dramatically altered landscape. Most of the new Democratic lawmakers in Annapolis, who were elected with a certain set of goals and expectations, are realizing that those will have to be significantly scaled back. Deadlock over the next four years seems unavoidable. So perhaps it is inevitable that a number of political people in Maryland, out of ennui or political calculation or just sheer desperation, are already starting to think about 2018, when Hogan will be vigorously challenged for re-election. When Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker (D) penned an op-ed piece in The Baltimore Sun a few weeks back outlining his economic development vision, some insiders saw that as the starting gun of 2018.... Continue reading
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Looming Crisis: A Center Maryland Series on Access to Maternity Care – Carmela Coyle (Part 2)

Carmela Coyle, President & CEO of the Maryland Hospital Association, continues her conversation with Center Maryland about the No-Fault Birth Injury Fund, which will provide a lifetime of care for children and their families based on medical need – not the outcome of a lottery lawsuit.Inside the Headlines is a video politicast featured on Center Maryland. Damian O’Doherty brings guests on the show to have in depth conversations on major news happening in Maryland. Damian O’Doherty is a corporate communications strategist, a principal of KO Public Affairs LLC and co-founder of Center Maryland.... Continue reading
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