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Laslo Boyd: Sweeping Out the Sands of Summer

By: Laslo Boyd  This coming Monday, Labor Day,  traditionally marks the end of summer. Just don’t try convincing anyone whose kid already went back to school this week of that. Comptroller Peter Franchot has been promoting a plan to honor this tradition by having school start after Labor Day, but that’s a topic for another column. Summer used to be a slow news time.  August is when Parisians head for the south of France, Washingtonians abandon the City for Cape Cod or some nearby island, and Marylanders head “down the shore.” On the international front, it’s hasn’t been at all slow. The soundtrack for these past few months would have to be Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire.” The fires don’t look at all contained in the Middle East, Africa, and the Ukraine. Americans, many of whom pay no attention to anything outside our borders, are wondering whether we will... Continue reading
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Jill Feinberg – Star-Spangled 200

Jill Feinberg, marketing director of the Star-Spangled 200, Inc., visits Center Maryland to preview the huge celebration that is coming to Baltimore next month, including tall ships, fireworks, a Blue Angels performance and a concert to be broadcast on PBS. Jill talks about the many activities that are also taking place this summer in advance of the September event, and describes the significant economic impact on the region.Center Maryland: Inside Out brings political realities to the forefront of the discussion, advancing reasonable and responsible ideas. Lisa Harris Jones is an Attorney at Law and Lobbyist, Member and Founder of Harris Jones & Malone, LLC. Damian O’Doherty is a Corporate Communications Strategist, a Principal of KO Public Affairs LLC, and Co-Founder of Center Maryland.... Continue reading
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Mark Coles – Union Support for Cove Point

Mark Coles, Executive Director of the Community Hub for Opportunities in Construction Employment (CHOICE), continues his conversation with Center Maryland. Mark, a leading voice for labor in the Mid-Atlantic, discusses the labor community’s support for Cove Point and CHOICE’s dedication to carrying out safe, environmentally responsible work, which -- at Cove Point alone -- will employee upwards of 3,000 Marylanders.Inside the Headlines is a video politicast featured on Center Maryland. Damian O’Doherty brings guests on the show to have in depth conversations on major news happening in Maryland. Damian O’Doherty is a corporate communications strategist, a principal of KO Public Affairs LLC and co-founder of Center Maryland.... Continue reading
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Josh Kurtz – Celluloid Edition: On a ‘Wing’ and a Prayer

By: Josh Kurtz  I should have written this column at the beginning of the summer – some thoughts on political movies and a TV show. Light topics go hand-in-hand with summer. But it’s still before Labor Day, so maybe we’re ok. What’s the connection to the general topic of this column, Maryland politics? It stems from a meeting in Annapolis this spring of the Maryland Young Democrats, where I was one of the speakers. Someone asked me what my favorite political movie was. Without the opportunity to give it much thought, I answered “All the King’s Men.” Someone else asked me what I thought about the TV series “The West Wing.” I answered that while there is much to admire about the show, I did not watch regularly, because I found its Clintonian version of governing and current events somewhat disingenuous so deep into the administration of George W. Bush –... Continue reading
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Market People: Boosting Access to Fresh Foods (Part 3)

Stockton Williams, Principal at HR&A Advisors, continues his conversation with Shelley White and Matt Gallagher at Baltimore’s Lexington Market. Shelley, Program Coordinator at Real Food Farm, and Matt, President & CEO of the Goldseker Foundation, discuss the need to increase production capacity for urban farms in Baltimore and how that can be accomplished.Market People is an interview series that explores the role of Baltimore’s marketplaces in improving access to healthy food options and spurring community and economic development.... Continue reading
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