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Josh Kurtz: The Known Unknowns

By: Josh Kurtz  Here’s a shocking piece of news: We’re already in the home stretch for the June 24 Maryland primary. The primary is just nine weeks from today; early voting begins in seven weeks. How can that be possible when, in many ways, it feels as if the campaign hasn’t even begun yet? And what are the implications? To mark the kick-off of the home stretch, the beginning of the end, we pose 10 questions about the primary that we’re calling “The Known Unknowns.” That’s a twist on the title of a new and damning documentary about Donald Rumsfeld called “The Unknown Known,” inspired by this outrageously obtuse comment he made in the run-up to the Iraq War: “As we know, there are known knowns; there are things that we know that we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some... Continue reading
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Laslo Boyd: A Time of Reflection and Recommitment

By: Laslo Boyd  This week marks the celebration of both Passover and Easter.  These two religious observations are among the most important days of the year to Jews and Christians throughout the world. Last week saw the 50th anniversary of the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, legislation which brought fundamental changes in the legal protections provided to African Americans in the United States. Commemorations of the past are opportunities to reflect upon the significance of prior events for today’s world.  In some cases, they also can be motivation for recommitting to goals and values that were once so clearly important but may have become taken for granted over time. I was reminded of a song, “Pass It On”, which was originally part of a documentary about the union movement in the 1960s.Freedom never came like a bird on the wingNever came down like rain in springFreedom, freedom, what a... Continue reading
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Donald Fry: Annapolis recognizing the need to strengthen business climate

By: Donald C. Fry  This year, lawmakers in the Maryland General Assembly signaled a growing awareness of the reality that, despite Maryland’s many strengths as a place to do business; there is work to do on the issue of competitiveness if our state is to convert its significant advantages into strong economic growth. In January, I attended the announcement by Senate President Mike Miller and House Speaker Michael Busch of a joint legislative agenda for business and economic development. Many of the initiatives reflect core pillars for economic competitiveness compiled by Greater Baltimore Committee business and civic leaders in the GBC’s 2010 “Gaining a Competitive Edge” report.   Here’s a summary of legislation on their joint agenda that passed during the 2014 session, which adjourned last Monday: Cyber seed investment fund. Lawmakers passed bills sponsored by Senator James E. DeGrange, D-Anne Arundel and Delegate Pamela Beidle, D-Anne Arundel,  establishing a cyber... Continue reading
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Laslo Boyd: A Candidate Focused on His Day Job

By: Laslo Boyd  The 2014 Maryland General Assembly session is now in the record books and the members of the legislature – as well other public officials – can turn either to campaigning for the June primary election or contemplating retirement. As Josh Kurtz pointed out on Tuesday in this space, an unusually large number of members of the General Assembly have decided not to return in 2015. Others likely will have that decision made for them by the voters in June or November.  Candidates for statewide office can now focus all their attention on campaigning, including fundraising.  Given that voters are not yet paying much attention to elections and the prospect that turnout in June may be stunningly low, it is interesting to ask whether any candidate actually helped him or herself during the legislative session. However, if one of the significant ways in which a candidate demonstrates readiness for... Continue reading
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Center for Working Families - Valerie Ervin (Part 3)

Center for Working Families Executive Director Valerie Ervin continues her conversation with Center Maryland on the consequences of income inequality. She is joined by guest co-host Jeffrey Slavin, who is the Mayor of Somerset in Montgomery County.Inside the Headlines is a video politicast featured on Center Maryland. Damian O’Doherty brings guests on the show to have in depth conversations on major news happening in Maryland. Damian O’Doherty is a corporate communications strategist, a principal of KO Public Affairs LLC and co-founder of Center Maryland.... Continue reading
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