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Donald Fry: Differences over budget measures percolating in Annapolis

By Donald C. Fry Into the second full week of the Maryland General Assembly session, leading state lawmakers continue to pledge bipartisanship and cooperation with Governor Larry Hogan and with colleagues on both sides of the legislative aisle. But budget and fiscal issues will clearly dominate this legislative session and political and philosophical differences, particularly relating to education funding and Hogan’s strategy to eliminate the structural deficit, are beginning to percolate to the surface. “We want to make sure this administration gets off to a good start and that we are cooperating with each other,” Senate Minority Leader Catherine E. Pugh told more than 300 business leaders who attended the Greater Baltimore Committee’s annual legislative forum on January 26. “I’m looking forward to working with the Republicans, the Democrats, the independent thinkers and those who are interested in moving Maryland forward,” Pugh added. House Minority Whip Kathy Szeliga, a Republican who... Continue reading
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Laslo Boyd: Not So Bad As Expected

By: Laslo BoydIf the forecasts from last weekend had been correct, we would just now be digging out from under a mountain of snow. Grateful as we may be that we could get our cars out relatively easily, it is a good reminder that how we react to an event is often influenced in large degree by our expectations about it beforehand.Or, when you read the title, did you think I was referring to Larry Hogan’s budget?  There’s a good bit of chatter following the formal release of the budget that it, too, could have been much worse.  That reaction, however, would depend on who you are.For example, state employees, always an easy target of budget cutters, can’t be thrilled to have a pay increase rescinded.  Similarly, for those responsible for providing education to Baltimore City Public School students, the reduction in state aid is a serious problem.Let’s go back to... Continue reading
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Josh Kurtz: Annapolis Mad Men

By: Josh Kurtz “The boys are back in town”       --Thin Lizzy For women – especially for younger women – Annapolis from mid-January to mid-April can be a treacherous place. All too often, State Circle and environs become a breeding ground for sexual harassment.Talk to women legislators and lobbyists and advocates and staffers and interns – and I interviewed a dozen – and they all have a story to tell. About the delegate who isn’t allowed to have female interns anymore because he was getting a little too “hands-on.” About the senior lawmaker who cut a woman lobbyist off with a “Not now, honey” when she began to speak during a five-person meeting in his office – while he was squeezing her leg. About the legislators who won’t meet your eyes because their gaze is fixed a little lower. About the lawmakers who insist on greeting you with kisses or whose “friendly”... Continue reading
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Guest Column: A New Mandate to Hit Maryland Employers?

By: Walt Townshend & Christine Walters Legislation is once again being proposed in Maryland that will significantly impact many employers.  Entitled the Maryland Healthy Working Families Act, SB 40, the bill has been introduced in previous sessions of the Maryland General Assembly, and is part of a national wave, as alluded to by President Obama in his State of the Union address, when he asked Congress to “Send me a bill that gives every worker in America the opportunity to earn seven days of paid sick leave.”Maryland’s proposal would require employers with more than nine employees to: • provide up to  7 days (56 hours) of paid leave to employees working at least 8 hours per week (1 hour for every 30 hours worked).  • Accrue the leave from an employee's first day of work • Permit the employee to use the leave by at least the beginning of the 4th... Continue reading
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Delegate Dan. Morhaim, M.D. – Addressing the Looming Crisis in Access to Maternity Healthcare

Delegate Dan Morhaim, M.D. visits Center Maryland to discuss his support for the creation of a no-fault injured baby fund to address the looming crisis of reduced access to maternity care across the state. Dr. Morhaim explains that the fund, paid for by hospitals, will provide the lifetime care to all families and will prevent the closing of birthing centers that other states have faced due to rising medical liability costs.Inside the Headlines is a video politicast featured on Center Maryland. Damian O’Doherty brings guests on the show to have in depth conversations on major news happening in Maryland. Damian O’Doherty is a corporate communications strategist, a principal of KO Public Affairs LLC and co-founder of Center Maryland.... Continue reading
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